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FABRIC CSM (NH) ORCA 828 1.300

FABRIC CSM (NH) ORCA 828 1.300
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FABRIC CSM (NH) ORCA 828 1.300


Orca fabric produced by Pennel & Flipo, polyester fabric coated with CSM (Chlorosulfonated polyethylene monomer) of similar performance to the extinct Neoprene Hypalon ®. It is used in the manufacture of small size tubes and interior chambers and reinforcements for small and medium sized semi-rigid boats.


Its structure is composed of a 1,100 dtx polyester textile support with CSM coating with a total weight of 1.300 g/ m2. It can only be used in manufacturing and repair processes by cold glueing, it does not allow the use of industrial manufacturing techniques and processes such as thermowelding or high frequency welding.


Resistant to weather and marine environment, solar radiation (ISO 105B02), low abrasion resistance (Taber test) and a temperature range of use from a minimum of -40 ºc to a maximum of +70 ºc. 


Delivery: Per linear metre with a width of 150 cm 

Color: light grey, dark grey, white, dark blue, electric blue, orange, yellow, black and red

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